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2017+ Ford Raptor Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

2017+ Ford Raptor Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

*****Important Note For Customer Before Purchasing*****

1: If carbon fiber steering wheel comes with OEM multifunction buttons, they are included as complementary. 

*Buttons condition are variant, please transfer the OEM multifunction buttons from your steering wheel to complete the installation if needed. 


2: Heated steering wheel function will be disabled on all of our carbon fiber steering wheel. But you won’t have error code on the dash.



***** Raptor customer*****

You will have to transfer your OEM paddle shifter module,  multifunctional buttons and wire harnessing to our carbon fiber steering wheel in order to have all the funtion workable. 


    • Steering wheel comes equipped with a wire harness, trim bezel and Raptor steering wheel controls. Installation into a non-Raptor F-150 and Raptors equipped with the Technology Package (68R) requires the steering wheel controls and harness to be swapped from the original steering wheel.
    • Paddle shifter in carbon fiber finish is removable. You can remove the paddle shifter from the the paddle shifter module by pushing out the lock pin. 


    ******Red Raptor logo will be available with the purchase of custom logo package.