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CARBONTASTIC’s E46 M3 WAGON – project/build details

Carbontastic first ever project car, a build from the ground up. Custom wide body, powertrain, subframe transfer, interior conversion, and more. There is a lot to live up to on this project, and the Carbontastic M3 Wagon will be a  ultimate wagon that BMW didn't complete.

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Base Vehicle: 2001 BMW 325it

Performance/Engine Bay

  • BMW E46 M3 S54B32 engine, produced 333 hp at 7,900 rpm and 269 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm

  • Full engine rebuild with new piston, rad, machine head and cylinder 

  • DINAN Strut Tower Brace

  • Carbontastic Custom Carbon Fiber ECU cover in gloss finsih

  • Valvetronic Design: E46 M3 Valved Sport Exhaust (T304 Stainless Steel)


  • 2M Autowerks- Custom M3 front fender, rear quarter wide body, rear door flare, rear bumper cut, side skirt, and M3 Side Mirror retro fit.

  • DTM Autobody- Full body repaint in Factory BMW CSL Color: Silver Grey Metallic A08

  • OEM euro optional roof rail delete trim 

  • OEM BMW E46 M3 M ZCP (Competition Package) cross spoke 163 Wheel: 19x8.0" ET47 in the front and 19x9.5" ET27 in the rear

  • OEM E46 M3 Hood

  • OEM E46 M3 Headlight


  • Carbontastic E46/E39 Non-Paddle Shifted Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Style 1

  • Carbontastic Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Column Cover (Top&Bottom) in gloss finish

  • Carbontastic Custom Carbon Fiber Interior trim in gloss finish 

  • OEM E46 M3 dash in black

  • OEM E46 M3 manual leather seats in black

  • OEM E39 M5 Illuminated Shift Knob With Boot

  • OEM full E46 interior swap from grey to black

  • Gaphix- OEM F80 M3 CS seatbelts 

  • OEM M3 Floormat

Suspension & Brakes

  • Groundcontrol- Street camber plate

  • Bilstein-PSS10 (B16) Coil-Over System

  • Porsche 911 (996) front and rear brake caliper conversion, custom bronze paint 

  • OEM E46 M3 CSL front and rear rotors

  • Powerflex polyurethane bushings all around

Wheels & Tires

  • OEM BMW E46 M3 M ZCP (Competition Package) cross spoke 163 Wheel: 19x8.0" ET47 in the front and 19x9.5" ET27 in the rear

  • Apex- 15MM spacer front and rear

  • Michelin- PS4S 245/35/19 (front), 255/30/19 (rear)

Articles featuring the CARBONTASTIC E46 M3 WAGON

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Do you have a favorite double-take car? That's a car you see, and then it registers that what you saw was more than initially met the eye. That car for many at Legends of the Autobahn was Eric Choi's E46 M3 Touring. We have seen E46s galore; we have seen E46 M3s. we have even seen E46 Tourings. But all wrapped up into one? And it was so well executed that attendees were overheard asking why it was in the Tuner class. Orange County, California, resident Choi first attended Legends as a spectator in 2018, driving his stock E46 M3. For 2022, he rolled onto the lawn under the morning mist in his E46 M3 Touring, causing the volunteers directing cars to do a double-take. He's always been an E46 fan, so it's no surprise that this creation takes the E46 platform to a level even BMW only teased with this generation. "The E46 is my favorite generation of the M3, and the E46 M3 was my first M car." Choi explains. "I didn't have a chance to drive the E46 M3 when they were brand new, but I think with this M3 Touring, I created a vehicle that BMW would be proud of if they had moved the E46 M3 Touring Concept into production." Choi has been a wagon fan for years, too, he says. "Seeing the Audi RS6 on the road triggers my love of wagons-and wishing that BMW actually had produced an E46 M3 Wagon. So I had to build the dream M3 myself. The main goal for this build was to create something unique while still being OEM-plus, turning the concept into reality and providing more positive encouragement to BMW that the market here deserves performance wagons." Entering the car in the Tuner Class, then, seems to have been a perfect choice. The Tuner Class is intended for owners to show their enthusiasm for the marque through customization and personalization. It acknowledges an owner's creativity, execution, and fabrication quality. The class rewards cars that have been built with the owner's personal touch, not just purchased completely. Choi might have enlisted the support of some excellent performance companies to help realize his vision, but this E46 M3 Touring definitely checks those Tuner Class boxes, so much so that he claimed the second-place award in the class. He started with two 2001 E46 cars: one 325i and one M3. Choi takes credit for the vision but knew how to create the best example possible: by being a great director. "I can change things like the steering wheel, interior trim, and seats, and can perform an oil change, but I did not do the handiwork on the wagon myself," he says. "2M Autowerks in Vista did the wide body and powertrain transfer. DTM Autobody in El Monte did the full-body color change. I like to say the wagon is M3-converted as much as possible because we brought in everything from the donor M3. This included the front and rear subframe, all the arms, the ECU, engine, and transmission-we even swapped the spare tire floor with the M3 to fit the OEM M3 exhaust. As with many modified tuner cars, steps were taken to update the car for better or more modern conditions. "The build also includes some necessary updates for it to drive better, like having a Bilstein PSS10 coil. overs and adding front and rear brakes from a Porsche 996 with CSL rotors, an OEM BMW short-shift kit, and more," says Choi A peek inside at the steering wheel gives a hint of what Choi does for work. "| am the founder and owner of Carbontastic," he says."We are a brand focused on building custom carbon-fiber steering wheels for any vehicle.” Choi's highlights from CarWeek and Legends certainly included claiming an award during Legends of the Autobahn, but like so many others there, he enjoyed more than that. "I am lucky and honored to take second place home in the Tuner Class, especially with all the beautifully modified BMWs there," he says. "I drove up to Car Week with the Fuel Run, and that was amazing. There were a lot of supercars on the drive, and many owners approached and asked where I had imported the car from. They were surprised and impressed that it was built here, and never offered even in Europe. "Legends was exciting, as usual. You get to see the coolest, rarest German machines and meet the most enthusiastic group of people sharing stories and experiences about their vehicles. It was amazing to see vehicles I didn't know even existed, like Robert Tran's BMW E36 Alpina B8 wagon with a V8 engine. He imported it, and everything is period-correct and original, with book documentation. He won first place in the Clean Class and was very deserving. ———Kyle van Hoften


CHP-Crystal Cove

Photographer: ERIC CHOI &


Long Beach

TED 7 Studio