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JQ Werks & Madtrace® Clubsport Magnetic Paddle Shifters For MERCEDES-BENZ

JQ Werks & Madtrace® Clubsport Magnetic Paddle Shifters For MERCEDES-BENZ

Product Overview:

Introducing the brand-new JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter System, expertly crafted from CNC-machined 6061-T Grade Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum, Neodymium Magnet, and high-strength 4mm thick Carbon Fiber plates. With our engineering design, these Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifters will elevate your driving experience, delivering a significantly aggressive feel.

Designed specifically for the Audi Sport Steering Wheel, this system ensures impeccable fitment and hassle-free plug & play installations. The shifters are optimized for track performance, guaranteeing seamless gear selection at any steering angle. Due to their natural characteristics, the shifters provide a robust and speedy snap back into positions.

Moreover, the system emits a satisfying "click" noise with every shift, enhancing the joy of your ride. Get ready to elevate your driving experience with the JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter System, engineered for performance and driving pleasure.



Each product will come with a limited lifetime manufacture warranty against defects on the mechanisms ONLY, not chipboard or blemishes, cosmetics, or normal wear and tear for paddle shifters.



  • Included in Kit

    Each Paddle Shifter Kit Consists Of:

    - 2x Complete Magnetic Paddle Shifter Units.

    - 2x Formula-Style 1X1 Wave Carbon Fiber Paddles

    - New Hardware For Steering Wheel Application

    - 2x Allen Keys

  • Vehicle Fitment

    Applicable Models:

    Mercedes W205 AMG

    - A45/A35 AMG | W177/V177/Z177

    - Non-AMG A Class | W177/V177/Z177 (With AMG Steering Wheel) 


    - AMG GT/GTC/GTS/GTR/GTBlack Series | C190/R190


    - AMG GT63/GT53/GT50/GT43 4-Door | X290


    - B Class | W247 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - C63/C43 AMG | W205/S205/C205/A205

    - Non-AMG C Class | W205/S205/C205/A205 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - CLA45/CLA35 AMG | C118/X118

    - Non-AMG CLA Class | C118/X118 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - CLS53 AMG | C257

    - Non-AMG CLS Class | C257 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - E63/E53/E43 AMG | W213/S213 (2016-2020 Pre Facelift Only)

    - Non-AMG E Class | W213/S213 (With AMG Steering Wheel, 2016-2020 Pre Facelift)


    - GLA45/GLA35 AMG | H247

    - Non-AMG GLA Class | H247 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - GLB35 AMG | X247

    - Non-AMG GLB Class | X247 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - GLC63/GLC43 AMG | X253/C253

    - Non-AMG GLC Class | X253/C253 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - GLE63/GLE53 AMG | W167/V167

    - Non-AMG GLE Class | W167/V167 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - GLS63 AMG/GLS600 Maybach | X167

    - Non-AMG GLS Class | X167 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - G63 AMG | W463A

    - Non-AMG G Class | W463A (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - S65/S63 AMG/Maybach S Class | W222/V222/C217/A217

    - Non-AMG S Class | W222/V222/C217/A217 (With AMG Steering Wheel)


    - SL63 AMG | R231 (2017-2020, Facelift Only)

    - Non-AMG SL Class | R231 (With AMG Steering Wheel, 2017-2020, Facelift Only)


    - SLC43 AMG | R172 (2016-2020, Facelift Only)

    - Non-AMG SLK Class | R172 (With AMG Steering Wheel, 2016-2020, Facelift Only)


    Mercedes Newer AMG

    Any AMG later than W205